The129|Windproof Electric Lighter with Double Arc



Designed for outdoor use with windproof capabilities. Embrace the fusion of fashion and technology, ignite your fire while enjoying the spinning gyro, and alleviate stress. More than just a lighter, it’s a captivating piece of trendy art.

1.Product Introduction:

Rechargeable electric tungsten wire/arc pulse lighter, using environmentally friendly, clean, and low-carbon electrical energy instead of traditional gas and fuel energy. USB interface charging, recyclable, can basically replace the range of use of traditional lighters. Arc lighters can generate harmless arc sparks, and only need to ignite the igniter when it comes into contact with the arc spark, without generating harmful gases or flames to the human body, More safe and environmentally friendly.

2.Product Description

Charging through USB interface can be connected to any charger with an output voltage of DC5V and an output current of 1.0A, such as a computer or mobile phone charger; It can be fully charged for 1.5 to 2 hours at a time, and the red indicator light will be on during charging. After fully charging, the indicator light will automatically turn off. After fully charging, it can be used 100 to 300 times, and can be used for about 6 packs of incense or for about a week.


The product uses a high magnification polymer lithium-ion battery, which is inspected by a “high-precision battery performance tester” before use to ensure the safety performance of the battery. Equipped with multiple protections such as overcharging, discharging, and overload. High capacity, commercial rate.


1. Do not put this product into water or other liquids, as it may cause a short circuit.

2. After charging, please disconnect the power supply in a timely manner (usually the full charging time is 2 hours). Do not connect the charged battery to the power supply for a long time, as overcharging will shorten the battery’s service life;

3. When the battery is about to run out of charge, the duration of the arc spark will be shortened. At this time, please charge it in a timely manner. Charging before the battery is fully discharged will extend its service life;

4. Do not ignite continuously for a long time. It is recommended to use it for no more than 10 seconds each time to extend the product’s service life.

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